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Pennsylvania Common Contract

Now Available
Pennsylvania Specific Inspection Agreement

Only $75.00, no annual renewal fee*
(For PHIC Members Only. Click here for membership application .pdf)

Highlights of Common Contract
  1. Written for home inspectors by home inspectors.
  2. Reviewed and approved by real estate attorneys, contract attorneys, FREA and Marion Allen Insurance Companies.
  3. Licensing fee required for only $75.00 per company, regardless of size.
  4. Written in Microsoft word to easily add company name and logo.
  5. Mirrors the Pennsylvania Home Inspection Law.
  6. Two page document, standard 8 ½ x 11 format.
  7. Designed to be emailed to the client before the inspection, to reduce potential liability.
  8. Will not have to pay an attorney hundreds of dollars to write or review your existing contract.
  9. Once we have 100 contract holders, PHIC will begin to shop future E&O prices using the contract as a negotiating tool.
  10. The more inspectors who use the contract, the stronger it becomes. It could become the standard contract of our profession in Pennsylvania.
  11. Can be used by all ASHI, AII and NAHI inspectors who are full members in good standing of their association and the Coalition.
* until such a time that revisions may become necessary, then a $45 fee in the event of revision.

Download Sample Contract Here (PDF format)

Notice: This is a copyrighted material. Illegal use of this document may not give you the intended benefit. PHIC maintains the list of all paid licensee. Do not gamble with your legal rights, by unauthorized use of PHIC copyrighted documents.

Download the License Agreement for the CD-ROM Here  (PDF format)

Notice: The disk will not be sent without a signed licensing agreement.

Please mail the signed licensing agreement, your business card and a check to:
Jack Milne
187 Marlboro Road
Yardley, PA 19067

If you have any questions, please contact Jack Milne of PHIC at 215-295-2030