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Ride Along / Mentoring Program
Revised; December 3, 2002

For available mentors, please contact these local chapters of the national organizations represented by PHIC. Consider attending a meeting of one of these chapters to meet potential mentors face to face and learn more about the home inspection profession.
  Northeast Area PA Chapter of NAHI   American Institute of Inspectors   Western PA Chapter of NAHI
  Pocono-Lehigh Chapter of ASHI   Central PA Chapter of ASHI   Keystone Chapter of ASHI
  Southeast PA Chapter of the NAHI   Pittsburgh Chapter of ASHI   Tri-State Chapter of ASHI


   To provide a minimum standard for entry into the Home Inspection Profession, in Pennsylvania, pursuant to enacted Trade Practice legislation, ACT 114, of 12-20-01. This program is developed by, and in cooperation with, PHIC (Pennsylvania Home Inspectors Coalition), an organization consisting of current Presidents and Vice-Presidents of existing chapters of Nationally recognized Home Inspection organizations, as outlined in the legislation.
   This is a three tiered program to allow entry level inspectors as well as to allow newer inspectors, who have not yet attained full membership in a Nationally recognized organization, or completed the minimum required state mandate of 100 fee paid inspections, to continue towards compliance unimpeded.
   This is designed to be a guideline program generated by this legislation. Certain fees may apply, and individual participants may feel the need, depending on geographic location or density of population, to charge according to services provided.
   This program is in no way meant to lessen the need for formal education or to be used as a substitute, rather to augment an approved educational program of your choice.
    Inspections done through the RAMP program have been accepted by ASHI®(American Society of Home Inspectors), and NAHI™, (National Association of Home Inspectors) membership committees, as meeting the definition of a fee paid inspection, only when fees do actually change hands, and counted toward full membership in that Nationally Recognized Organization. Although the inspections are counted towards membership, this is a Pennsylvania based guideline and not necessarily endorsed, in it's entirety, by any National organization.


   It is believed, this program will benefit all parties involved by offering entry into the profession, allowing newer inspectors to move forward, promote membership in National organizations, and establish a minimum required level of professionalism.

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