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Ride Along / Mentoring Program
Revised; December 3, 2002

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Program Overview

Ride Along
   This is the entry level program for persons interested in pursuing a career in the Home Inspection profession. As a novice the interested person must, at a minimum, carry a general liability insurance policy, with the Mentor listed, not unlike a sub-contractor relationship. Enter into a contractual agreement (see description below) with the mentor, which clearly defines the limits of liability and scope of services. The interested person will contract for a minimum 10 Ride Along Inspections, to insure fair compensation to the Mentor and be sure the interested person is making a substantial commitment for the services rendered and the liability attached. A suggested base line would be $51.00 per inspection attended or $100.00 per day.
   At the end of this, or any time during, this introductory experience the interested person must submit application for membership to a Nationally recognized home Inspection organization, as outlined in the ACT, in order to continue in the program.
   Although not a requirement, this would also be a good time for the new inspector to consider joining a local chapter of a National organization. Chapter membership will aide in networking with other inspectors, keep the trainee updated on current affairs, meet Mentors, and provide the trainee necessary educational credits.
   The next level of the program, where the interested party is a candidate for membership in a Nationally recognized organization, but is not able to perform fee paid inspections in compliance of the ACT, or is an inspector trainee who has not performed 100 fee paid inspections, these inspectors may continue toward full membership. These Mentored inspections will be counted towards full membership status so as not to leave established inspectors in limbo unable to continue in the profession or interested persons to get started. For this phase there would also be fees paid to the Mentor similar to what is described above.
   The reasoning behind the previous statement is as follows: The Inspector, who is unable to have their inspection report considered as part of the legal real estate transaction, per the ACT, enters into a contractual agreement with the Mentor, as defined in the SOP's of the National Home Inspectors organization, and is paid a fee by the customer (Mentor). The candidate prepares their own proprietary inspection report, which is then critiqued by the Mentor, to assure completeness and adherence to SOP's of their organization. If the Mentor agrees the report is in compliance will sign and return the report to the newer inspector. The prepared report is for training experience, and membership advancement only, and is not to be shared with, or viewed by, any interested party in the real estate transaction.
   It is believed, this program will benefit all parties involved by offering entry into the profession, allowing newer inspectors to move forward, promote membership in National organizations, and establish a minimum required level of professionalism. Supervised Level
   This supervised level is designed to allow the established inspector, who has completed 100 fee paid inspections, but not yet attained full membership in a Nationally recognized organization. This inspector is in compliance with all other aspects of the ACT, carries the necessary E&O insurance, and is performing an inspection for their own contracted customer. This level places much greater liability on all parties involved. The Mentor will not be able to perform an inspection, of their own, during the time overseeing the inspector, and appropriate fees should be determined. The Mentor must attend the inspection of the supervised inspector, review the report for compliance of SOP's, prior to delivery to anyone involved in the real estate transaction, sign the "Home Inspection Compliance Statement", and supervised inspectors report. The supervised inspector will enter into the "Mentoring Contract". The Mentor is under no obligation to sign the Compliance statement, or report, if the produced report is not in compliance with the SOP's of the member organization.
Mentor listing
Many details of the program still need to be established, however a list of interested Mentors, state wide, will be kept and a form of organized tracking established.
Mentoring Contract
A standard contract, available statewide, has been adopted with regards to added liability to mentors and provisions to protect trade contacts and secrets. This contract is not physically attached to this program for reasons of security, but is available to all eligible Mentors, for a fee, which should then be disseminated fairly to the Mentee.